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Carflow's strength lies in creating automotive technology. Agencies shine, be it in their design, content or digital marketing aspects.

Plugins work just like Lego

A dealer’s website contains many complex functions, which Carflow has fortunately packaged into what we refer to as ‘plugins’. That means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, because plugins can be used like Lego blocks to allow every agency to create a dealer’s website in no time at all. That means you save money for the design and, even more important, generating website traffic!

Do it yourself with the plugin configurator

Depending on the Carflow solution that you choose, we will make the right plugin configurator available to your agency. You can use it to activate, set and design an incredible number of functions yourself… in no time at all! The plugin configurator is a high-tech development tool that your agency can use to digitally accelerate your dealership.

Plugins only have advantages

Plugins are seamlessly integrated. They are bits of Javascript code that can be used in any content-management system, they are Google-friendly and they are also linked to your Carflow platform. Data, interactivity and everything else is all controlled using Carflow.

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