How can Carflow help you accelerate digitally?

Discover our solutions. Carflow is modular, so you can select whatever options you want at any time.

Online sales and conversion

Online sales

Overview Features

Your showroom is open 24/7. Potential customers can reserve a vehicle online or (why not?) even buy one by means of making an online payment. That keeps you ahead of the competition.

The entire sales process is fully automated – from reserving a vehicle through to the digitally-approved quote! With Carflow, anything is possible.

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  • Online reservation function – personalisable
  • Online purchase function with advance payment
  • Integrated payment function (Visa, Mastercard, …)

Online sales and conversion

Online acquisition (purchasing)

Overview Features

Thanks to Carflow visitors to your site only have to provide their contact details to receive a real-time valuation of their current car. You, the dealer, can determine the conditions and margins yourself, allowing you to generate rock-solid leads.
You can then use Carflow to manage your purchases, get offers from your network of traders and handle the acquisition and purchase process… all using Carflow!

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  • Real-time price estimation
  • Link with lead-hub
  • Registration of contact details

Lead generation and follow-up

Lead machine

Overview Features

Integrate the Carflow plugins on your website to generate a flow of good leads. Our plugins are technological features that have been specially designed for car dealerships and that you can integrate like Lego blocks in your website. Booking test drives, call-back requests or applications for funding. The customer can do it all easily online, whether using your website, on a showroom monitor or anywhere else.

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  • Plug & play leadflows (test drive,…)
  • Connect to all your digital channels

Lead generation and follow-up

Lead hub

Overview Features

Automatically centralise all applications received on your websites, by email or through any other online source in Carflow, creating a clear overview of all your leads.

Thanks to Carflow you can easily follow up on leads, allowing your sales staff to respond more quickly, giving you thorough analyses and resulting in improved management. We can guarantee your sales will increase!

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  • Central collection of leads from all sources
  • Leadmanagement

Digital showroom

Omnichannel visibility

Overview Features

Brand-new buyers can be reached through as many digital points of contact as exist, and thanks to Carflow your online showroom becomes an omnichannel. Your customers are always online and they will find you through websites, social media or Google, or they can view your stock on showroom monitors.

You can use Carflow to oversee all your digital spearheads, and the Carflow plugins even allow you to activate additional digital channels, such as websites, landing pages, showroom applications and any other platforms… in no time at all.

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  • Publication on media sites
  • Publication on social media
  • Publication on Google
  • Publication on your own website
  • Publication on showroom screens

Digital showroom

’E-commerce readiness’

Overview Features

Carflow creates a unique showroom experience, online! And a unique, smart and dynamic digital experience is what makes the difference when it comes to successful sales.

Carflow allows you to enrich your vehicle information using the VIN, to present your stock beautifully and to use handy tools to guide your customer’s online orientation process.

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  • Automatic entry based on VIN (including options)
  • Direct entry of photos with a mobile device
  • Extra fields for better vehicle presentation
  • Numerous online ‘merchandising’ functions

Carflow Digital Dealer Suite

Choose your digital acceleration

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Met Carflow zit uw dealership digitaal in een topversnelling!

Waarom is je dealership gesloten net op het moment dat je potentiële klant op zoek is naar een wagen? Carflow staat voor de digitale showroom van morgen: alles altijd eenvoudig en snel beschikbaar. Voor zowel klant als dealer.

Met onze plug ‘n play digitale showroom ben je in geen tijd vertrokken! Ervaar het zelf en vraag een demo aan. Zet de eerste stap naar een digitale showroom, meer verkoop en een gestroomlijnde werking.

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