Your dealer network. Digital!

Market conditions are changing at a rapid pace.
Thanks to Carflow your dealer network remains competitive - controlled centrally but tailored to suit the dealership.

Carflow lets marques and dealers create a digital showroom and to monitor it across the entire dealer network. By collecting leads and sales opportunities through online channels and then using the best available app so that dealers can follow up on these leads and opportunities, end-sales will inevitably rise.

Carflow provides you with an on-top solution of the packages already present to optimise your online presence and help you satisfy the requirements of the new digital customers. Our functions can be easily plugged into existing systems and can also be expanded modularly.

The more importers and NSCs are able to assist dealers to improve their online presence, the more profitable and happier the dealers, the customers, the importers and the NSCs all are. Carflow helps dealers to transform digitally, which can only strengthen the marque!

There are a number of options for strengthening both your online presence and your marque through dealers:

Digital showroom – dealer websites

Create a digital showroom for the marque and for all dealers where the stock (new and second-hand cars) that is available countrywide can be uploaded. This stock can then be advertised to dealers and through other media channels. Carflow’s Master CMS ensures that your brand identity can be translated across the dealer network, while each dealer can still manage their own website and generate online leads.

(Nationale) stockmanagement

As an importer or NSC, you can manage the national stock using the Carflow app and can advertise it to dealers and through other media channels, allowing you to re-market your cars using the dealer network.

Lead generation & management

Leads are generated online through the Carflow digital showroom. You then offer a CRM app to your dealer network in which leads and opportunities can be followed up, quotes created, purchases inputted, test drives planned and so much more can be done. The Carflow app is installed over and above other software packages, such as Salesforce.


Monitor how your dealers are following up on opportunities and create reports on incoming leads and whether or not they are converted into effective sales. These reports can be created at marque-, dealer- and seller-level.

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